Our History

The history of Dent Brewery started in 1990. The beer and ale scene was very different back then. Back when the brewery first started production there were only three other breweries in Cumbria and none in our part of the Yorkshire Dales. There are now over 40 in Cumbria alone.

With the move to 'trendy craft beers' Dent has stayed true to its roots and the traditions of the Yorkshire Dales and Cumbria.

The brewery started life in the Sun Inn in Dent but soon moved to an old barn where we're still based. Utilising our own spring water we produce traditional ale to the styles that have been proven in the Dales from generation to generation.

Now with a state of the art, reed bed water treatment system and energy recovery equipment in place, Dent Brewery is more at home in the Dales than ever before.

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