Mint Sauce

Spring is truly here at the brewery. The lambs spring through the fields, and the fells have started their slow journey back to green.

Having been inspired by the constant rounding up of lost lambs around the brewery, we have worked tirelessly to concoct a new spring time brew! Baa Hopper 4.2%!

An English bitter with a new world twist:

This spring time tipple brings traditional English maltiness to the forefront and balances it out with American hoppiness. Made from the spring waters of the Yorkshire dales and the finest hops and malt, this smooth spring time ale will leave you hoping for more.

(Photo Credit Keith George)

Lambs are not the only wildlife we've been seeing at the brewery. A recent trip to the the red squirrel sanctuary at Kilnsey allowed us to capture a snap of this little fellow! He's inspired us to create a new beer to help raise awareness!

(Photo credit Rich Davies)

You can tell the weather is getting better as we came across this fella too! A slow worm, not a worm or a snake, but a limbless lizard i'm told!

(Photo Credit Keith George)

Maybe a little early but I thought I'd check the temperature in one of the Lake District tarns. Still a bit too nippy in early April!

(Photo Credit Sarah George)

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